The management of RPI Property Group, Inc. is very concerned about the health and safety of each employee. Safety policies, requirements, and rules have been established for the benefit of each and every company employee.

The Corporation established a Workplace Safety Committee to assist with the implementation of the company’s safety policies and safety rules. The purpose of the committee is to aid and advise management and the employee work force on matters of Safety and Health. Management considers the effective operation of health and safety committee an essential part of the work place safety program.

The company’s Safety and Health Policy Statement which addresses the creation of a safe work place environment and the proper working conditions are contained in the RPI Property Group, Inc. Employee Handbook, dated March 15, 2007. Each employee is bound by the rules contained in the handbook and is mandated to provide a written acknowledgement receipt of the Employee Handbook.

Employees are expected to do their part in helping maintain Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) standards. It is the responsibility of every employee to make all efforts to promote and secure a safe and productive workplace. All employees must diligently undertake efforts to promote and ensure safety. Each employee can assist the Company in its dedication to safety by learning and practicing safe methods of performing their job. All employees must be conscious not only of their own safety, but for the safety of their coworkers, and the others who may be on the company’s premises. Unsafe conditions should be immediately reported to your supervisor. An employee’s safety record is a vital part of his or her employment responsibilities and is reflected in the annual performance evaluation.

Any employee working for the RPI Services division of RPI Property Group, or in a position considered to be a “safety sensitive” position, must additionally follow the policies and procedures outlined in the RPI Company Safety Plan. This document is presented during the company’s orientation of every newly hired RPI Division employees. Maintaining a safe job site is critical to our business.

RPI Company strives to create and provide its employees with a safe and healthy work environment, nor will it permit any employee to indulge in unsafe acts.